Wacker Media is a start-up media production company based in Zurich, Switzerland. With years of experience in Videography and Graphic Design, we have the knowledge to provide the best solution for our clients. Wacker Media's core focus lies on Creativity, Design and Professionality. We help brands to express themselves and tell their story, as well as engage with the customers.

We offer a suite of services, suitable for the large-scale corporation or the small business around the corner.

Our Company only uses cutting edge Technology that sets us apart from our competitors. We have access to numerous Drones provided by DJI and Cameras by Black Magic Design. These can capture high resolution photos and 4K Videos. Both the arial cameras and ground cameras are gimbalised, so we can achieve liquid smooth shots. This equipment is ideal for any type of work, as it gives you a different kind of perspective. 

We're always there for you!

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